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Read Grandparent Stories from The BananaNana ShoppeIf we had a penny for every time we said “Oh, that’s soooo cute!” our grandchildren would be wealthy!  We hope the Stories below from other grandparents (and even their children) will bring a smile to your face and warm your hearts!

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Nana Name - Mamo
My granddaughter could not say Grandma, so I'm Mamo...
-- Jane P.

Nana Name - Grandma Soup
My grandson couldn't say the name Grandma Sue, so instead he said "Grandma Soup" and that name has stuck with me.
-- Grandma Soup

Nana Name - Bebo
My friend's grandchildren call her BeBo. The firstborn started calling her that when he started to talk and it has remained her "name" with the other two children that followed. Two of the children are teenagers now and the other is in 7th grade. They love their BeBo.
-- Dianne

picture-faith.jpg- WHEN I GET MARRIED -
When Faith was three years old, she was already talking about "when I get married." While talking, she announced to me that when she gets married, she and her husband are going to watch television when their kids go to bed! It wasn't puzzling that she thought that would be cool - her mom and dad don't watch TV until the kids are in bed. I'm sure my granddaughter asked her mom what she and her dad did when Faith went to bed. So for now, that's her goal!

A little later, Faith again talked about what she was going to do when she got married and had babies. This time she told me "When I get married and have babies, I'm going to go home to Mommy so she can take care of me!" I assured her, of course, that Mommy would always take care of her. Then I asked her if she knew who her husband would be. She thought about the question, then announced to me that she was going to marry MOMMY! I think she loves her mom....
-- Nana Elizabeth

Nana Name - Nanuk
I'm a fairly new grandma. I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to be called. I settled on something I've never anyone else called-Nanuk
-- F. Singleton

Nana Name - Grandma Cheeseballs
My mother-in-law worked at Planters and always brought us peanuts and other things that they made there. My granddaughter was two and liked one particular thing, so she started calling my mother-in-law "Grandma Cheeseballs."
-- unknown

Nana Name - Grandmully
When I was a lil one, I could not say grandmother (which is what alot of my cousins called my mom's mother -- Moma Jewel was the other name she was called by her grandchildren). My mom would not let us call her Moma Jewell because she didn't believe it was as respectful (although it was). So to make a long story a lil shorter..I said 'Grandmully'...that is the name that only my mom's 3 children called her.

Now that I am a grandmomam, well I chose 'Grandmully'....and I just love hearing my grandbabies calling me. It brings back memories that are so precious to me!! Thank you for letting me share this with you. I would be honored for you to add my special name to your list of grandma names!! My Grandmully and I are the only 2 'Grandmullies' in the whole world and that is very special!!
-- Bertha/ Grandmully


Here is a pic of my mom with two of her seven grandkids. She goes by the moniker of Mimi. She loves it when the kids have the "screemin' Mimi's". That is what she calls it when she arrives and they all come out of the woodwork screaming out Mimi!!!!
-- Meg C.

Grandpa Name - Gosox
My husband is a big Red Sox fan and he wants to be called Gosox.
-- Linda P.

Nana Name - Gammi
My grandkids call me Gammi...I am a young grandma and did not want to be called an old-fashioned name.
-- Debbie H.

Nana Name - Emme
I noticed that you only have one “E” name listed on your site, and thought that perhaps you would like to know how I came to be called “Emme” (pronounced like Emmy). I only have one child, and she did not become pregnant until she was almost 42. I had given up on ever having grandchildren, so you can imagine my delight when I heard the news. I had been referring to myself as “Mimi” for their cat, but when we realized there was going to be a real, live grandchild, I had to pick another name since my son-in-law’s mother was already called that by her 7 grandchildren and 2 great-grands. My daughter’s best friend suggested “Emme” as my initials are an “M” and an “E”. Say them quickly, and you’ll get the idea. Of course, I love it and can’t imagine being called anything else.

My husband’s grandchildren are all grown, but since they have always referred to him as “Grandpa,” that’s what we tried to teach Blake to say. She had her own ideas about how to pronounce it, and converted it to “Bah-Poo”. He adores her and his special name, as well.
-- Marian E.

Nana Name - Mommo
My girls call me Mommo. I love it because it is so close to Mom but is Mo!!!
-- Barbara (the blessed one with five grand kids!)

Nana Name - Mia
My granddaughter calls me Mia......I'm a young grandmother and I love my hip little name she gave me!! She is two years old and when she calls and says "Mia" it melts my heart! I have a few young friends who have taken on my name.....
-- Mia

When my grandson, Travis, was around seven, the movie "Tarzan" came out. If you remember, it had the wonderful song by Phil Collins, "You'll be in my Heart." One day when we were together, Travis sang that song for me, and then said, "Mammy, when you are dying in the hospital, I'm going to sing this song to you!" That makes it all worthwhile!
-- Mammy Suzanne

Nana Name - SeeMa
My sister is a grandmother and her grandkids call her "SeeMa" because her daughter would say "We're going to see ma today," so her children thought her mom was Seema!
-- Carol F.

Nana Name - Nanie Country
My mother was called Nanie by her first grandchild. Since her mother was also Nanie, to avoid confusion my sister-in-law would call Great Grandmother "Nanie Country" because she lived in the country. My grandmother was called Nanie Country by her great grandchildren for the rest of her life .. and she loved it.
-- Jo S.

Nana Name - Shammy
My friend Marilyn was ill with Shingles when her grandbabie was born. She had to stay away from the baby when she was born. The story was told over and over and she became Shammy.
-- CBG

Nana Name - Ina
I saw your website “Grandma names” and the share link and thought I would share my mom’s name since I don’t see it there. We thought my son Troy would call my mom "Nana" and we would call her that around him but he never did. Somehow he started on his own calling her "Ina" (it sounds like “Eina”). When we tried to correct him to say Nana he would say “NO Ina!” My sister was telling her friend at work who is Pilipino and he told her that was interesting because he on his own changed Nana into Ina because in Tagalog the word Ina means Mother. Pretty Cool! So now my mom is a proud Ina. Thanks for letting me share. P.S. You have lots of wonderful items. Mom just loves the Grandma brag book and her bag that we got her.
-- Amy H.

Nana and Grandpa Names - Grand Chick and Grand Dude
Our oldest daughter and husband had taken us to dinner one evening to let us know about the baby coming. So, we were sitting at the table discussing names and we asked my husband "So what name would you like?" We were throwing out names and he was laughing and said he was not as old as those names. So he said "Grand Dude, because I am fabulous and young!" We just laughed. You can also add "Grand Chick" to this because a friend of mine said that I needed a cool name since he wants be called Grand Grand Chick is mine now.
-- Joan D.

Nana Names - Bene and Humma
My grandmother was "MaMa." When her children started having children, she dropped to "Ma Z" or just "Ma." Everyone was Ma Carol, Ma Jene (Jean). My daughter couldn't say Jene, so she called her "Ma Bean." My mother spelled it Ma Bene to match her name. Eventually, it was just Bene, which she uses almost exclusively. People now call her Bene, or Ms Bene, and the grandkids just all call her Bene now.

Another name is Humma. A neighbor's child couldn't say "gramma."
-- Ann D.

picturekatiem-new.jpg - Change Meltdown Time to Wagon Time -
Just had to share my daughter's solution to "meltdown" time at her home. With a 4 and 5 yr old and 7 month old triplets she finds "wagon time" a great solution, the kids love it and she gets some fresh air too!
-- Katie M!

Nana Name - Mammee
When my granddaughter was born, I wanted something unique for my name, so I decided on Grammy because we already had a Nanny, Grandma, Mamaw, Meemaw, Big Moma,and Granny. When she learned to talk, she said Grammy one time and then called me Maggie and that didn't last long and she started calling me Mammee and that stuck. It really doesn't matter what we want to be called, they will come up with what they want to call you.
-- Tommi S.

Grandpa Name - Nunny
My nephew lived for a while with my parents. When he was learning to talk, he began calling my Dad “Nunny.” It turns out that he had heard my Mom call my Dad “honey” so often, he thought that was his name and “Nunny” was how this adorable young boy was able to say it at the time; it stuck like glue. It is what he is called to this day!
-- Toni M.

Nana Name - Curly Grandma and Gram Cracker
The name Curly Grandma was given to my grandmother by my daughter when she was four. As you might expect; Curly Grandma has curly hair. My daughter also named my mom ‘Gram Cracker’. They both stuck, all the other grandkids use her nicknames too. --Ramona S.

Nana  and Grandpa Names - Nana & Bop
My grandmother was Nana, but it came out differently sometimes between my cousins and me. She was also Nanie, and when I was older I shortened it to Nan. When I was little, they tried to get me to call my grandfather Papa, but it came out Bopie and it stuck for 50 years. I also shortened it to Bop. There was no one like my Nan & Bop. Now my daughter is expecting and I thought I wanted to be a Nana, but I just can’t! There could never be another Nana like My Nana! I am enjoying your website and I love reading the stories! The grandma to be on the other side of the family told me about Banana Nana. This is a first grandchild for both of us, but we are definitely Groovy Grandmas!

Nana Name - Gappagee
When our daughter, who is the youngest of 4 girl cousins, was very little she began calling my mom MaGappagee (the other cousins called her Grandma) and no one ever knew where she got that name. She later shortened it to Gappagee and always called her that. Now, I will be Grandma to her daughter in May and was trying to decide what I wanted to be called but was told that her daughter, Charlotte, would decide that!! Guess I'll just be "her" or "me" till she comes up with the perfect name!! Will keep you posted!!
-- No Name Granma! a.k.a. Laraine M.

Nana Name - Nia
My grandson, who is now almost 7, got his name for banana and my name Nana confused. He called a banana a Nia (nee-ah) and that's what he calls me to this day. Believe it or not, when his sister started talking, she called a banana a nina. Again the confusion with banana comes in. And guess what--I am Nina to her. I love both names and sometimes call myself Nia/Nina
-- Betty M.

My first grandchild, and only so far, arrived in July 2007. I took care of her for 3 hours every morning when her mom went back to work. I’m a writer and I’ve been freelancing for the last few years, so this put structure back in my day and I loved it...getting up at 5:30 and on the road by 6:00 to get to my son’s house by 6:30 am. Zoe was and is so precious. She has some health issues and scoliosis, too. I’ve felt privileged, as a health writer and researcher, to have the ability to help in those areas. This week I sent her a musical valentine. Not a kiddy one, but a rock and roll adult version. She loves music and she bobs up and down whenever she hears anything with a beat. I glued a picture of me to the front of the card, instead of a signature. Her mom said she was amazed at the music that came out whenever she opens it. The song is, “I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it.” ---and there are figures inside that hop around as you tilt the card back and forth. Simple things—and they can be so much fun. BTW. I started lifting weights after her first year, because I realized how much stronger I needed to be to lift and carry her as she kept growing. I hired a personal trainer and I’m back on track with exercise now.

Nana Name - NanaPie and Nana Banana
My six granddaughters have always called me Nana. The oldest (18) refers to me as NanaPie and the rest frequently call me Nana Banana. In fact, that is my Myspace name.
--Cinda J.

Nana Name - Hanny and Poppa
The first grandchild couldn't say Granny. It came out Hanny. That's what she's been known as since then. My kids call my husband's parents Hanny and Poppa.
--Teresa Z

I’ve started a group where I work called the "Grateful Grandmas" and we do little miracles for those in secret of course. There are five of us.

Our latest miracle was for a young woman who is very close to her mom who lives in another state. Mom was diagnosed with cancer about four months ago and I learned her daughter hasn’t been able to afford to go see her. Daughter is only 23. I asked her if it was because she couldn’t afford it and she admitted it was. It just so happens one of the GG’s (that’s what we call ourselves) is in the travel business. We got her a ticket and she’s surprising her mom and dad at Thanksgiving. I told her she couldn’t tell anyone where she got the ticket but she would be asked to pay it forward one day.
--A Grateful Grandma

Nana Name - Gayga
One of my granddaughters couldn't say 'Grandma' so she called me 'Gayga.' I loved it. All of my grandchildren called me Grandma except her. When she called me 'Gayga' I said, "I finally have my own special grandma name."
--Reeta M.

I have eleven grandchildren, and I truly love every minute of it! They range in age from 10 months to nearly 20, and to top it off, the 20 year old just this past March had her first baby and that means I am a great-grandmother! Now, that was difficult to take....(not really, he is a cutie!)

Meet my grandkids.... Ashley age 20, Alex age 17, Jared age 17, Grant age 16, Joshua age 12, Daniel age 10, Abigail age 7, Lake age 3, Jamie age 2, Hadley 1 year, Jeffrey 10 months, all but four of them live in the Cincinnati area and we see them usually every Sunday afternoon, and sometimes during the week in the evening.

When Ashley was about 3 or 4 I started having this "event" (for lack of a better word) that I called "FANCY GLASS SUNDAY." It all started one day when Ashley noticed my wine goblets on my shelf, and other stemware, and she wanted to know what those were for. I started to explain to her that those were used on "special days" and her eyes lit up, and she got this huge smile.

Since I have always told her that she was "so special" to me, she figured out that we should be using those "special glasses." They were all mis-matched, since by that time most of my wedding crystal was over 20 years old and had already lived through my children. So, we got into my dress-up box, pulled out big jewelry pieces and hats, feather boas, and pretend makeup, etc. and began making up the game that has now become known as Fancy Glass Sunday. She would usually spend the night Saturday night and all afternoon on Sunday, we would sit around the table, sip kool-aid from our "fancy glasses" and naturally teacups and saucers and cookies or brownies. She loved it when we would pretend to be movie stars, or pop stars, and princesses of course! We would make a rule that you had to speak in a British accent all day, or we would have one key word that if anyone would say that word we would either start laughing uncontrollably, or giggle, or sing Yankee Doodle. (It helps that I have a few screws loose to start off with, and she is alot like me.) There are so many things that we would come up with I have forgotten more than I have remembered. But,to this day, she still talks about Fancy Glass Sundays.

Up until this last year, she didn't want me to have "Fancy Glass Sunday " with any of my other granddaughters! Abigail lives too far away to do it regularly, and the other two are too young yet. Ashley just recently said I could plan one with Abby, Hadley and Jamie once they get a little older and she will even help me. Now hows that for maturity?

Hope you like this little bit of the craziness I've done over the last 19 years since becoming a granny for the first time....oh, that's another thing - I love being called "Granny." My Mom, who just turned 88, says it's because I don't look like a little old lady, and haven't even hit 60 yet. I don't know the reason, I just think it's cute. I've even put a tent in my backyard and slept outside, we've painted rocks on my back deck, I've helped each grandchild make a Mommy's Day gift and card for their mommies, helped them make Christmas gifts for their parents, taught them to use a digital camera, made movies with our video camera, etc.

I have a really bad back and I am on full disability and can't work, and my weight limit for lifting is 10 lbs, so most of them I can't lift anymore. But that doesn't mean I can't have tons of fun with them, and I can still babysit, it just means that it can only be at night and grandpa has to go with me......

Thank you for creating a website for grandmas and is superb!
-- Suzanne G.

Grandpa Name - Popeye
Our granddaughter calls her grandfather "Popeye." She made up this name herself when she was about 18 months old. We don't know why but have a couple of theories. Our daughter calls her father "Pops" so she might have been trying to say that. Or, we were trying to get her to say "Poppa" and we think she said "Popeye" instead and we probably all laughed and she thought that was a good thing to say.
-- Sandy C.

picture-mooma.jpgNana Name - Mooma
I'm known as "Mooma" by my beloved Makahla, granddaughter, 2 years old. Her mama asked me what I wanted her to call me, and I told her whatever came out of her mouth. The first time I heard "Mooma," I was horrified...that is until I realized that it was my special name and she didn't call anyone else by that name. Now I wouldn't trade it for anything! I will be called "Mooma" by my new granddaughter, due in December of this year!
-- Mooma Lyne


Nana Name - Me' Me'
I'm a young grandma and was planning to be called "Frannie." Usually, it's what that first grandchild says that sets the name--in my case that is what is happening. I became a new grandma twice within 5 months--my twins both gave birth. My granddaughter, Allison, has taken the "MiMi" (used for the other grandma) and adapted it to "MayMay" for me. I'm not sure that's how to spell it--maybe Me' Me' (Cajun French influence). Looks like it's gonna stick. My grandson, 5 months younger, will just go with the flow on this one. Me' Me' is okay with me, just as long as the babies do not call me "Maw Maw" .....LOL Fran
-- Me' Me'-- Pietri

Nana Name - Nia
My mother goes by NIA, pronounced "nee-a." She wanted to be called Nana, but when my son started talking, instead of Nana, he said Nia. After a while I found out why,......because he called bananas "nias" so when we told him to call my mother nana, he thought of banana, and started calling her Nia.

She loves the name! And hopes my daughter is able to say it, instead of coming up with her own word too. But who knows.....
-- Leslie S.

Nana and Grandpa Names - Pay Pay and Pa Pa
I have a name to share. When my parents became grandparents, they wanted to be called Pa Pa and Ma Ma. However, the first grandbaby to be born called her mother Ma Ma. Pa Pa stuck for Granddad but we had to come up with something for Grandmother. One day Pa Pa just said, "how about Pay Pay." Well, like it or not, it stuck and they became Pa Pa and Pay Pay!
-- Jenny S.

Nana and Grandpa Names - Grummy and Grumpy
When my first grandson Preston was born, I was going to be Grammy, but he learned to say Grum first so I became "Grummy" which I just adore. But the best part is that made my husband "Grumpy," so now our 3 adorable grandkids (Preston, Braeden and Lexi) call us Grummy and Grumpy!
-- Cynni F

Nana Name - Gop
My kids call my mom "Gop" and she loves it! She says it is unique. We had planned for her to be Grammie, but Gop was the first thing out of their mouths and it appears she will be Gop forever. My kids are now four and now, in addition to Gop, call her "the Gopster," "Goppity Gop Gop," and all types of strange variations on their theme. What fun!
-- Darcie D.

Nana Name - Nai Nai
"Nai-Nai" is Chinese for Grandma. Pronounced: N with a long I. We adopted our daughter from China and this is what I will be called as Grandma!!
-- Heather L.

Nana Names - Mimi and GoGo
When I found out that I was going to be a Grandma, I went on a mission to find my "name." It was what I will be called for the rest of my life and I wanted it to be good. There would be many "Grandma's" in my granddaughter's life, so many of the names were already taken - Great Great Grandma, Great Grandma is Mamaw, my son-in-law's mother already had a grandchild who called her Grandma so we decided on the name "Grandmeem." My son-in-law called me "Meem" before they were married so I thought that would be perfect. My granddaughter at the age of 1 decided different. I am "Mimi." My heart melts when she says it. Months of searching for the "perfect name" and all I had to do was wait until my granddaughter could make the perfect choice. Oh, and by the way, her other grandma isn't Grandma anymore ... she's "GoGo."
-- CathyLynn W.

"Go Go" is the name of grandmothers in Africa. The Stephen Lewis Foundation is currently supporting a group called "Go Go Grannies." Grandmothers in various parts of Africa (I specifically know about Kenya) raise their grandchildren due to massive deaths in the mid generation due to HIV and AIDS. It speaks to the strength of grandmothers who are charged with stepping up to the plate for their families even after dealing with the deaths of their own children and limited resources. These women are heroes.
-- Stephanie Robinson, Family Transition Place

picture-kieke2.jpgNana Name - Grandma Amie
When my daughter, Kieki, was in high school taking French, she began calling me Amie (which is French for "friend"). When she had her first daughter, Jordan, Kieki taught Jordan to call me Amie (Jordan was having trouble making the "gr" sound in "grandma."). When Jordan figured out how to say "Grandma," she just added "Amie" to it to distinguish me from her other grandma. Both Jordan (6)and her sister, Hannah (4), call me Grandma Amie.
-- Grandma Amie

Nana Name - Gumma
When my Son was learning to speak we tried teaching to call my mum "Granma" and he couldn't pronounce it - it kept coming out as "Gumma." At first we tried to correct it but it was just so adorable and my mum loves it, so now that is who she is to little Harry...his Gumma.
-- Alison, Queenland Australia

Nana Name - Nina
I now have 3 more granddaughters and another about to be born. They all will call me Nina (in Spanish it means godmother, so says my Mexican friend). I was supposed to be Nana but Brady could not say it properly - thus Nina. I love it.
-- Paula H.

Nana Name - Rama
When I was a baby I didn't put the "G" on grandma, so my grandmother was Rama (and my grandfather was Papa). I was a little embarrassed by these names when I was older, especially when I learned my cousins had different names for them. But they were so special to me I just couldn't call them by any other name!
-- Lynn C.

Nana and GrandpaNames - Mammy and Pappy
My daughter is having my first grandchild in August. We have found out that she is having a girl. I will be called Mammy. My name is Tammy, but the reason that my grandchildren are going to call me Mammy is that when my daughter was in high school all her friends called me Mammy Tammy, so the name just kind of stuck. Grandpa will be called Pappy, to rhyme with Mammy.
-- Mammy Tammy

Nana Name - Grandma Fridge
My daughter placed her grandmother's picture on the refrigerator so she could see it every time she was in the kitchen. When my grandson was born he always saw the picture hanging there. As he got older and began talking he would point to the picture and say "Grandma Fridge." My mom is now known as "Grandma Fridge" to all six of my grandchildren.
--Author Unknown

Nana Name - Church Granny
My little niece calls her dad's mother Church Granny. When we asked her why, she said because she goes to church all the time. It's true and we laughed until it hurt.
-- Vicky M.

Nana and Grandpa Names - Mi Mi and Dadaw
When my daughter first started trying to talk, my dad kept trying to get her to say “Papaw.” As she could only say “da da” at the time, it finally came out “Dadaw.” My mom became Mi Mi, though we’re not quite sure how that started. The names have stuck for 26 years and through 6 grandchildren and they both love it!
-- Gina M.

Nana and Grandpa Names - Honey Bea and Snazzy
My grandma was "Honey Bea" (her first name was Beatrice, "Bea" for short, and she always called her grandkids she was "Honey Bea").

My grandpa was "Snazzy"...

They were absolutely full of fun...and I felt badly for anyone who did not have a "Honey Bea" and "Grandpa Snazzy" in their lives.
-- Mary D.

Nana Name - Giggy
My father's mother was named Giggy because my big brother couldn't say Granny.
-- Mary M.

picturemargueritemacdonald.jpg - GRANDMA BABY SHOWER -
Marguerite MacDonald, describing her coworker, Rita Harris, as “the most wonderful person in the world,” gave Rita a surprise shower on June 18th to celebrate her daughter, Maria’s, first child. A baby boy is due now!

Fifteen or so of Rita’s co-workers decided to throw a surprise shower for her. Marguerite says that Rita is the most giving and loving special person that she knows. Marguerite gave Rita a “Onesie” from The BananaNana Shoppe that reads: "If You Think I’m Cute, You Should See My Grandma.”

When asked what other Grandma-specific gifts Rita received, Marguerite couldn’t think of any. The other gifts were lovely, but not specific to Grandmas.

As Marguerite said, it is very hard to find Grandma gifts for a shower. She couldn’t find balloons or decorations for the special “Grandma.”
-- written by Grandma Kathy

Nana Name - Grandmadge
Grandmadge....this grandma was too hip to be just grandma, and her name was Madge.
-- Anne P.

Nana Name - Grana
Being a young Grandma, I didn't want to be Grandmaw or the other "old" names. My Mother has always been Nana. Didn't want to use that but liked it. I had a friend that used the following name and even though she is 10 years older--but very young you'd think-- had the name for me: Grana (a combination of Grand.....and Nana.) My husband at first called me "The Grand Banana" (kind of fits your web site).

I have a 22 month Grandson (Carson) and expecting a Grandaughter (Candence) in November. I am their GRANA!!!
-- Lisa , Mom and now "Grana"

Nana Names - Little Nana, Big Nana, Doodles, Sassy
When I was born, my mom called her grandma Nana. Well, my mom's mom wanted to be a Nana as well, so I called my G'Ma "Little Nana" and my great G'Ma "Big Nana." I called my other great G'Ma "Doodles." My Mom is now a Nana, but after reading your web site, and after being told last night that I am going to be a grandma, I want to be called "Sassy." I like that since my name is Stacy. Thank you for this site!!
-- Stacy M

Nana Name - Momo
'Momo' (THE LONG 'O' SOUND). The first grandchild couldn't say Oma and it came out Momo instead.
--Author Unknown

Nana Names - MIMI AND Le-Le
Didn't want to be Big Mama or Granny so I became "MIMI."

My name is Judy, so the grandchildren say J-U-D-Y spells M-I-M-I. Nothing like having grandchildren - expecting the first GREAT Granddaughter anytime NOW. We are real excited and trying to find a unique name for my daughter to be called. Her name is Lisa so we are thinking of LE-LE, isn't that cute?
-- Judy

Nana and Grandpa Names - Grandma Carrot and Pockets
When my kids got old enough, my dad would put candy in his pocket and fish it out in front of the grandkids, acting totally surprised to find it there! The kids quickly caught onto this (each one teaching the next), so all the grandkids now call him "Pockets." Also, while trying to get the kids to call my mom Grandma Carol, they thought I was saying Grandma "Carrot," which is now what she is lovingly called. Loved reading the other stories like mine - so cute!
-- Marti A.

Nana and Grandpa Names - Oomie and Pratt
When our eldest son Adam was learning to speak, he couldn't pronounce Gramps - his version was Pratt. My Mum wanted to Oma, and Adam's version of that turned out to be Oomie. So they became Oomie and Pratt to all their grandchildren. The kids often had to explain the names to their friends, but we can't imagine them called anything else now.
-- Kaye from Australia

Nana Name - Awbaw
My daughter couldn't pronounce grandmaw so she came up with "Ambaw" and it has stuck ever since. Her grandmother loved it that she came up with something as a baby.
-- Cindy D.

Nana Name - Nonni
My girls call there grandma : Nonni

My daughter could not say Grandma when she was little and somehow she started calling her Nonni. Now all the grankids call her Nonni.
- Jen S.

Nana Name - Mamo
My granddaughter Alyssa when she was about 15 months old couldn't say Grandma Mo so she would call me "MaMo" and it has stuck ever since and I love it!!
- Monique P.

Nana Name - Neeny
My oldest son named my mother and mother-in-law Neeny (or Neenie as one spells it). So to keep confusion at bay we called my mom Neeny Brown (last name). I just became a grandma and don't know what I'd like to be called. I don't want to be called grandma because I'm too young. :)
Love your site!
--Author Unknown

Nana and Grandpa Names - Bina and Poopaw
My name is Sabrina. My grandkids call me "Bina" My husband was being called grandpa by our first grandchild when one day she was trying to catch up with him before he went out to the garden and as she was running to the door, moving her feet and trying to holler for him at the same time, out came "Poopaw". It has stuck and he is now "Poopaw" to all the grandchildren!
-- Sabrina B.

Nana Name - Granga
My Grandmother was called "Granga." The first grandchild pronounced Grandma that way and it stuck.
-- Lesley D.

Grandpa Name - Graddy and Mr. Steve
"Graddy" came from Grandpa and Grand dad. Our grandson just combined the two when he called for his grandpa.

"Mr. Steve" started out as a joke before our granddaughter was born and just stuck.

I love your site!
-- Mari D

Nana Name - Pama
My daughter was the first grandchild. Her vocabulary was large but she chose the name "Pama" for her fraternal grandmother. No reason but it has stuck for twenty five years and through six grandchildren. Now I will be a grandmother for the first time and we are trying to come up with a choice name.
-- Betsy C.

Nana Name - Tutu
I have a friend who was in Hawaii and heard a little child refer to his Hawaiian Grandma as 'TuTu', and she loved the name so much, that's what she decided to be called. It sounds so sweet hearing her grandson call her by that name.
-- Mom 2 Six

Grandpa Name - Happy Pappy
The name was given to me by my eldest grandson. I served in the military and was away for many years. My daughter gave him a photo of me smiling so he thought I must be happy. Funny what kids will come up with. By the way, this Grandson caused me to become a Great Grandfather on 29 August. I wonder what name my Great Grandson will use...maybe Great Pappy?
-- Happy Pappy

Nana Name - Nawna
I was born & raised in the north but now live & raised my children in the south. I now have my first grandson. I have quite a large family and all of the common Grandmother,Grandma,Nana names were already taken so I made my own "Nawna" (naw-na) so it was Nana from the north with a "W" for the southern draw. Like I had a Mamaw & Papaw, also a Mommie & Poppie, and my children had a Granny. So I had both northern & southern so I thought I would mix the two.
-- Nawna in VA

Nana Name - Beep Beep
When my son Wesley was a toddler, he used to spend a lot of time with my Grandmother so it was his Great Grandmother. She used to wear hearing aids and whenever you would run your hand in front of them, they would make a beeping sound. From that day on, he has always called her "Beep Beep" and it stuck and my daughter Kassandra calls her Beep Beep as well. I always though it was cute!
-- Olivia A.

Nana Name - Grrrrrrrr
My granddaughter calls me "Grrrrrrrr." When we were teaching her to say grrrrrama she just got the grrrrrrr and it stuck. People look at us funny!!!
-- Judith S.

Nana Name - JuJu
I have a wonderful grandmother named "JuJu" since she always used to give us JuJu candies. Anyway, I thought you could add it to the list :)
-- Justin

Nana Name - La La
My grandson calls me "La La." The reason is Elmo...when I come into his house I say "La La La La, Grandma's here"!
-- Kathryn B.

Nana Name - Nini
My cousin when he was 2 (now 16) named my Grandma, Nini (pronounced NeeNee). He came up with it on his own and no one to this day knows where he got it from. His parents had taken him to the emergency room because he had hit his head and had a huge golfball size knot come up on it. As soon as he saw my Grandma come in the emergency room, he ran to her crying, "Nini, Nini." The name stuck and now all my younger cousins call her Nini. My older cousins and I call her Grandma. I'm sure when I have kids I'll wind up calling her Nini too. My cousin that's the same age as me did.
-- Charity R.

Nana Name - Granny Char
We are trying to teach my 17 month old grandson to call me Granny, later it will be Granny Char. When my son was in his teens, we would joke about when he became a Dad, I had always said that I would be the coolest, hippest Granny around! When my son turned 23, he had his son, Tyler. When we were talking about who was going to be called what, my son popped up with me being Granny Char. I looked at him funny, like what? Then he reminded me of our talks, and said that is what he wants me to be called. It really touched my heart that he remembered that and it meant so much to him. It seems funny to be referred to as Granny, because I am only 42 yrs old, but it makes me smile because that name has sentimental attachment for my son and I. I can't wait until we can explain my name to Tyler, I hope it means as much to him.
-- Granny Char

Nana Name - Nanny Cookie
I am called Mimi – which is a pretty common ‘grandma’ name. However, my mother (the great-grandmother) is called Nanny Cookie! You guessed it – she always has cookies for Zoe.
-- Mimi

Nana Name - Gramsie
I have my first "step-granddaughter." She has quite a few grandparents. My daughter calls me Gramsie came quite naturally.
-- Gramsie

Nana Name - Fuffy
My granddaughter, Lexie, calls me Nanny and my mother Fuffy. She called my dad Grandfather, and I think she thought my mom was Grandfuffy and then she just shortened it. Now, all the great grandchildren call her Fuffy.
-- Colleen H

Nana Name - Ita
I call my grandmother “Ita” because when I was little I was unable to pronounce “Abuelita.”
-- Kristine R.

Nana Name - Granmema
My mother created the name for herself and "trained" if you will, my children to call her "Granmema." She had her license plates changed to that name for many many years ago.
-- Jeannette Walker

Nana Names - Brown Grandma and Gwamma
My mother-in-law is fair skinned and has white hair, while my mother is of Greek heritage and has darker hair and darker skin. When our oldest daughter was 3, she told someone she had a "white" grandma and a "brown" grandma. All our kids and grandkids call my mom "Brown Grandma" now and she loves it! Our grandkids call us Gwamma and Papa.
-- Gwamma and Papa to Kolby, Abbie, Baylee and Taylor

Nana Name - Granny Gibbs to Randi
When I was a little girl, I called my grandma Mama Gibbs. Then as a teenager, I started calling her Granny Gibbs which stayed until my son was born. My son could not say Granny Gibbs - it came out Randi Gibbs. With that, it just became Randi.
-- Cindy H.

Nana Names - The Gramma that lives in number 6 and Gramma Plain
Our first granddaughter isn't old enough to name us yet, but I do have some funny name stories to share from my kids growing up.

Both sets of grandparents lived out of state, so the kids didn't see them very often, especially my mother, who lived the farthest. When my mother and her husband came to visit for a week, they decided it would be "easier on me" if they stayed at the Motel 6 rather than my house for the week. Never mind the fact that I had a 2 year old, a 4 year old in preschool and a 7 year old in first grade, and they had no car. I had to drive to and from their motel (10 miles each way) inbetween getting everyone to their schools to pick them up, entertain and feed them. Several weeks after they left, we happened to be driving past that Motel 6 and my 4 year old said, "How come we never visit 'The Gramma that lives in number 6' anymore"? That became her title!

When my daughter was 3 and was talking about Gramma, she became exasperated with me when I questioned which Gramma she was talking about. She said, "You know! Gramma Plain!" I thought maybe she meant my husband's mother, since she always arrived by plane....Gramma Plane. "No....just Plain Gramma!" Since she saw my husband's mom more often, she didn't need to have a last name. My mom was Gramma Yates. My husband's mom appreciated the fact that she was the "real gramma" and all others were just knock-offs.
-- New Gramma formally known as Merry K

Nana Name - A-Choo
This should be one of your most unusual names! Our first grandchild, Rachel, was just learning to assign names (and understand names of family members). During a short car trip, her Great-grandmother, my Mom, had a sneezing fit and said to Rachel, Grandma said "A-Choo" and it made Rachel laugh.

The next morning, at an extended family gathering, her Daddy, our son, asked her "who is this?" for family members. When he came to my Mother, Rachel called her "A-Choo" and to this day, Rachel will turn 4 in Dec., Great-Grandma Miller is still "A-Choo"!
-- Grandma JJ

Nana and Grandpa Names - Abby and Pops
My first grandchild is due in December. My daughter-in-law is of Spanish decent. We wanted to honor her by using Abuela as my name for grandmother but are afraid the baby will not be able to prounouce it. So, we have shortened it to Abby. Grandfather will be Pops.
-- Angela G.

Nana Name - Ela
My grandchildren call me Ela. My grandson gave me that name!! I wanted to be called Maida. For some reason he refused to say it, so after months of trying to get him to call me Maida, I decided Ela was just great!!! As you can see, Ela sounds nothing like Maida.
-- Ela

Nana Name - Baa-Baa
Hi! I came here to look for grandpa gifts, and thought I'd share my mom's name bestowed by my nephew! He calls her "Baa-Baa." Nobody knows why, but he is 4 and still calls her that! My kids both call her "Mama."
-- Lynda S, Oregon

Nana Name - MYMOM
My son called my mother MYMOM. It actually took me a little to figure out that he was just repeating what I said, "let's go over to my mom's..." or "my mom said...."
-- Jackie D.

Nana Name - Nunama
We called my grandmother “Nunama” because when I saw her for the first time – I was almost two & the first grandchild – my parents lived in Japan because my Dad was in the Navy – my Mom said about my Grandmother, “here’s your Grandmother” and I guess I thought she said ‘another mother’ so I said “nother mother” which got shortened to Nunama. Unfortunalty, my Nunama is no longer with us and now my son calls my Mom “Nunama.”
-- Carrie L.

Nana and Grandpa Names - Na and Bumpa
My 2 year old son calls his grandparents Na (Nana) and Bumpa (Grandpa). Eventually we'll teach him Nana, but Bumpa has become my dad's official name.

There is no story behind Bumpa, other than a one-year-old's interpretation of "Grampa." We gave up on his saying Grampa and his choice of "Bumpa" stuck. That's the same reason my mom is Na (pronounced like Pa) instead of Nana.

FYI: My son received a Camp Grandma backpack and sleeping mat (from his Nana, of course) for his second birthday last week and loves playing with both!
-- Susan C.

picturenanarose-hannah.jpg - THE LITTLE THINGS -
...are the most special sometimes. Went by to see Hannah last night after work. She had to stay home from "school" yesterday because she has a cold. Her Mommy wanted her to come into the kitchen to take her medicine and as she was turning the corner to go into the kitchen, she stopped, turned to me and said, "Don't leave Nana." My heart melted for the umpteen millionth time. Tell me, what did we do before they came along?

I was just so touched when that sweet face looked at me and said that (through a stopped up nose - it sounded more like "Don't weab.") haha

(Picture at left is Hannah dressed as Cinderella for her '05 birthday.)
-- Nana Rose

Nana and Grandpa Names - Mopati and Papa Dig
Our two year old grandaughter, Emma, began calling my husband and me what sounded like Mama and Popti when she one. For whatever reason that evolved to me becoming a combination of those two names, so I am now "Mopati" (mo-pottie). My husband is Papa Dig (Doug). One day I said "Am I grandma?" She laughed and said "No, that's not your name." I love it!

Although it's a bit unusual knowing that in her precious little mind that's who I am is all that matters!
-- Nancy B.

Hi BananaNana, Kate and I had a fine time on our abbreviated Camp Grandma. She was only here for 4 days but everything went smoothly. I had strained my back and she was quite helpful and sweet. We did manage to go out to lunch, to the movies and got in a little shopping, just not all in the same day. She also spent plenty of time on the phone, on the computer and making cards, her favorite new craft. She made me one a few weeks ago that said, "You are like a 'Gram' cracker, a little rough around the edges but as sweet as can be!"

I hope next year she will come again even for a few days. She has this very busy life right now, which is as it should be.

Take care.
-- Gram JoAnne

Grandpa Name - Boppie
Boppie lived from 1841-1917. He was a captain in the Civil War, fought at Gettysburg, and was a local hero, but everyone in the family called him Boppie. I have a very distinguished photo of him in his uniform that he autographed to my grandmother with the name Boppie. He died long before I was born, so I never knew him.
-- Judy (Just plain Grandma!)

Nana Name - Nano
Well, my grandmother is Nanny... and there's only ONE Nanny to me :)

My mom is very unique and though Nano... like on the show Mork from Ork (you know,Mork and Mindy?)... she was thinking how Mork would say 'Nanu, Nanu".. and said she would be Nano... LOL

I know... weird.
-- Kari

My youngest daughter calls my parents her New Grandma and New Grandpa. They aren't really new to the family, but they do live far away and we only see them once or twice a year, opposed to my husband's parents who live closer and we see regularly. The first few times my parents came to visit after my second daughtor was born were so far apart that she did not remember them from visit to visit. Her other Grandparents came frequently enough that she had known them for quite awhile. When my parents arrived for a visit about the time she was 2 1/2 she thought that she had acquired a new set of Grandparents and they have been her New Grandma and Grandpa ever since.
-- Mark B.

Nana Name - Nanknop
I have a friend with 2 grandchildren, one now 14 and the other 12. The first one could not say Nannaw - she tried but it came out "Nanknop" (nan-nopp). The second child followed and the name has stuck.
-- Glenda O.

Nana and Grandpa Names - Nana or Nutty Nana and G-pop
My mommy-in-law was feeding my son a banana and he started calling her nana- as well as the banana. Now he calls the banana by the “correct” name and my mommy-in-law Nana. He is almost three now and has been heard referring to her as "Nutty Nana."

Her husband is not my husband’s father and wanted to be called Grandfather Sir, but Mommy-in-law did not like that idea. Mommy-in-law jokingly said how about “G-pop”, and that is what my son has called him ever since.
-- Gerri E.

Nana Name - Honey
My friend's granddaughter heard her granddad call his wife "Honey" so that is what she calls her too.
-- Nancy P.

Grandpa Name - Haypop
My cousin’s son would always call his Dad on the phone and say Hey Pop!!!!! The kids just began to calling him Haypop!!!
-- Sabra K.

Nana Name - Ott
A friend of mine is called “Ott” by her grandchildren. The only reason she can think of is that her daughter-in-law introduces her as “Scott’s mother” and the oldest grandchild abbreviated that.
-- Judy W.

Nana and Grandpa Names - Geebee and Poppa
I have a great friend in West Texas whose grandson Hunter calls her "GeeBee." Why? He had two sets of grandparents, so her daughter came up with this to differentiate "Grandma Butler"! It stuck, so now Hunter has his "GeeBee & Poppa"! We laugh they should've named her husband "Heebie" (Heebie & GeeBee). Thanks!
-- Donna B.

Nana Name - Goggie
My daughter calls her grandma "Goggie." She could not say Granny.
-- Tina E.

Nana Name - Nonna and Drammaw
I'd laughingly told our daughter & son-in-law the one name I wouldn't accept was my given name (Donna). Of course, that is the first thing she called me! We ignored it, so the next time little Gracie needed me, it was "Nonna." She now has a sister Riley, & I am "Nonna" to both!

We have a friend who is very dramatic - her children & grandchildren call her "Drammaw."

Darling website!
-- Nonna B.

Nana Name - Mom
I don't know the whole story, but when my oldest brother was little, my mother said that he would hear her call her mother Mom and he started calling her Mom, and it stuck through seven grandchildren. I never understood why people would look funny when I talked about my Mom and then told them that it was my grandmother -- she was and always will be Mom to me!!!! Thanks for allowing me to share this.
-- Sharon

Nana and Grandpa Names - Moe Moe and Poe Poe
No special story. She (granddaughter) started talking at a young age and just couldn't say Grandma and Grandpa. It just developed into Moe Moe and Poe Poe.
-- Karla L.

Nana Name - Maga
My name is Maga. No story really. My daughter-in-law's mother was wanting to be called Nana, and I was wanting to come up with a unique name, so my daughter-in-law heard a little girl call her grandmother "Maga." She said, "What is she calling you?" The grandmother said she turns the Gramma around and says Maga. She thought that was cute, so she told me and we decided that would be my name. My grandaughter says it and it is very cute, and loving, almost like mama.
-- Linda R

Nana Name - Sweet Honey
The story behind the name “Sweet Honey” is: My friend’s mother-in-law would always ask her grandkids to give her some sweet honey (a kiss), so whenever the kids saw her they began calling her “Sweet Honey.”
-- Angela D.

Nana Names - GaGa, DoeDoe, GoneGone
GaGa-pronounced (guyguy) - The oldest grandchild's attempt at Grandma and it stuck.
DoeDoe- I don't know where we got this but it's all everyone called her.
GoneGone - We would leave her house and our parents said she was gone gone. And it just stuck.
-- Priscilla M.

Nana Names - Memere and Mur
Well... when I was little, all my older cousins called my grandmother "Memere," which until I found this website, I didn't know that it was French. I never really understood why they called her that. Well, I couldn't pronounce "Memere" when I was younger, so I shortened it to "Mur." It's said just as it is written. Some people make fun and don't understand it, but we all do. So my grandparents are "Mur and Papa."
-- Kimberly

Nana Names - Nana Nancye and Nana Joanne
When our oldest daughter presented us with our first grandchild (Savannah) 8.5 years ago, I wanted to be called Nana. Since my name is Nancye it made sense to me that she would hear others call me Nancye and Nana would be a shortened easy version for her to say. As it happened, her other grandmother wanted to be called Nana also. Eight and a half years and a grandson (Augustus, Gus for short) later, what we have wound up with is Nana Nancye and Nana Joanne. When we are all together at the same time, which is often, they use both names to distinguish which Nana they are talking to. When we are with them “one-on-one” we are simply Nana.

Now our youngest daughter has presented us with a new granddaughter (Kyleigh) and I can’t wait to hear her say Nana. Also, now her other grandmother gets to have a new name and since this is her first grandchild it will be interesting to see what it is. I vote for Nana Tami, but it will be interesting to see what Kyleigh’s vote is.
-- Nana Nancye W.

When my 3 year old twin granddaughters' baby sister was born, our lives became forever bonded together. I stayed with them for the week while mom and dad were at the hospital. We had fun tea parties, we cooked and cleaned, we had slummber parties where we painted our toe nails and talked about our favorite boys (daddy and Grandpa) and did fun crafts from Granma's special bag. (I have a grandma bag filled with construction paper, glitter pins, scissors, glue sticks and crayons. All of my grandchildren love to get it out.) I currently have 6.5 grandchildren. After our fun week was done, I went to kiss the twins good-bye. They were real upset that our fun time was over and I wouldn't be there to tuck them in at night. I had just refreshed my lipstick, so when I kissed them I left lip prints on their cheeks. I told them this kiss would last 'til bedtime and I would be there with them while they slept. Well, now every time I leave I have to give them the kiss that lasts and they make sure that baby sister Katie now gets her kiss too. When their daddy asks why they want the kiss, they politely inform him it is a "tradition." And it can't be washed off until morning. They even sometimes have me hide the kiss under their bangs so they can keep it longer.
-- Cathy C. (Granma)

Nana Names - BeBe and Beebs
I had originally wanted to be called MeMe, but my oldest grandchild started calling me BeBe instead - we can choose whatever we want, but our grandchildren have the final say don't they?

I now have 6 wonderful grandchildren calling me BeBe. The one who started it all is now 15. The next to youngest (a boy, 4) sometimes shortens it to Beebs. I love your website - one of my friends is expecting her first grandchild and trying to find the perfect name, so I showed it to her.
-- Johnnie T

Nana Name - Nanna
I have been a Nanna for a little over 2 years now. My oldest daughter made me a Nanna on November 21, 2002. My youngest daughter was not due until Feb. 6, 2003, but she had hers early (too early-6 weeks!) on December 26th. They are both boys and exactly 5 weeks to the day apart. Then, my oldest daughter's husband found out that he had cancer and would not be able to father anymore children. While undergoing surgery and beginning chemo, my daughter found out that she was already 12 weeks along. So, 14 months after her first one, she had a little girl. (Our miracle baby!!!!) So, as you can tell by my writings, I am one happy Nanna!

I really liked the name Granna, but my daughter gave me the name of Nanna and had it printed on a shirt. I didn't have the heart to change it. I love Nanna now because it is so easy for them to say. Let me clear up the Granna thing though. She presented all four grandparents with a monogramed shirt wrapped up in a package as a way of telling us that they were expecting. She had the name Nanna put on my shirt and PawPaw on my husband's. I heard the name Granna after she had done that and I like it, but I would not change what she gave me for anything.
-- NannaKathy

Nana and Grandpa Names - Big Moma and Dukey
I married a man much older than I am who has children almost my age. Anyway, when his grandson was born, he didn’t want to be called Granpaw, so he chose Duke (so he could be like John Wayne). Of course, Duke was changed to Dukey very quickly. At that point, we didn’t have a name for me. I am a very short person, and at the time, very thin and my husband thought it would be funny to call me BIG Moma. I’m still short, but I’ve gained a few pounds since then and Big Moma fits in more ways than one now. It’s very funny to be out in public and have the kids call us Dukey and Big Moma. These are not names you hear all the time!
-- Kathy T.

Nana Name - Gigi
How did I get my NanaName? Nothing other than when Zachary was about 9 months old, his Mom told me that he would come home and say "Gigi, Gigi, Gigi." I guess it was just easy to say! But it has stuck, and now that's my name!

Just being a Grandmother is so much fun. I don't know when I have ever known such joy!
-- Gigi

Nana Name - Grandma Cake
Before I came along, my grandma was referred to as Grandma Phil (Phyllis) by the other grandchildren. After hearing my cousin call her other grandma Mimi Zell (Zella), I began calling my grandma Mimi Phil and then just plain Mimi. This name has stuck so well that even her grown middle-aged children will refer to her as Mimi. My grandma and her special name mean so much to me, that I plan to use it in some form for my future daughter.

My great-grandma, who was called Grandma Kate, eventually had her name turned into Grandma Cake! I love the feeling this envoked in me as a child. She was tiny, sweet, and loveable, much like a cake!
-- Meghan (Grandaughter of Mimi)

Nana Name - Gommy
It was a mispronunciation of grandmommy that just stuck.
-- Jody W.

Grandpa Name - Baboo
My 2 yr old cousin was looking for her grandfather (he had no name yet---they were waiting for her to name him) and he was in the bathroom. So she beat on the door screaming "Bah-Boo"!!! We all think she was saying "bathroom" but no, it really was HIM she was calling. He is now Baboo (pronounced Bah-Boo). What's going to be hilarious is when they graduate from high school still calling him that!
-- April P

Nana Name - Janna
I was looking for something different. I thought Janna might be nice. Using an anagram of Nana, then as my name is Janine I thought I would put that in front.
-- Janine

Nana Name - YaYa
I just know that it is Greek -- my aunt's friend was Greek, and that is what her children called their grandmother. We already had a Nana in our family, so when I had children that was their name for my mother. Now that I have grandchildren and my mother has passed on, my daughters wanted the girls to call ME YaYa.
-- Debi M

Nana Name - Sa-Sa
My daughter and nephews call my mother Sa-Sa. Her name is Sara and she became a grandmother for the first time at the age of 40. She did not want to be called Grandma so we came up with Sa-Sa and it has stuck.
-- Dawn T

Nana and Grandpa Names - Nani and TuTu Kane
Nani came about when I saw this name of this gal on a TV show. I had a Nana and felt Nani was close to that. I have since learned of other ladies who also go by Nani. We go to Hawaii often and have now found that Nani means "beauty." Of course, think that is a nice omen. My husband wants to go by TuTu Kane only if Eva can say this later. That is hawaiian for grandpa.
-- Chris

Nana Name - Bama
My cousin who is my mothers age (the 1st grandchild) started calling her (my grandmother) Bama. Maybe she tried to say Grandma & it came out Bama. It just stuck and we all called her that.
-- Katina

Nana and Grandpa Names - Mama Mac and Daddy Mac PLUS Grandpa Names - Popsi and Char Char
My grandparents names were Mama Mac and Daddy Mac because their last name began with Mc and my grandmother wasn't ready to be a "grand" mother at the time.

My father was called "Popsi" by my daughter. We were trying to get her to call him Papa and it came out Popsi.

He later remarried after my mother's death and his new granddaughter (with my stepmother) called him "Char Char." His name was Charles.
-- Author Unknown

Nana Name - GingGong
My nephew calls my mom "GingGong" and we think that my daughter will call her that too. I can't tell you where it came from. Who knows. It's funny though. She hated it at first but she answers to it. Thanks.
-- Jennifer M

Nana Name - Ice Cream Grandma
My Grandma on my dad's side is Ice Cream Grandma. She has so many grandchildren, and when we were toddlers, she didn't have enough high chairs, so she would tie the older children into their chairs with scarves to feed us our ice cream (probably an unnecessary precaution, but you know grandmas). She loved giving us ice cream, and after we gave her the name, she could never say no!! Thank you for the opportunity to share!
-- Kelsie M.

Nana Name - Coo Coo
My son was enchanted by my Mother's Coo Coo clock when he was a baby so it wasn't any surprise when he started to call my Mom Coo Coo. It has stuck all these years, my son is now 35 and even my friends call her Coo Coo. My mom just loves her name and my daughter came up with a license plate frame for her. It reads "I'm not nuts" (top) "I'm just Coo Coo." We have had alot of fun with that.
-- Sharon T.

Nana Name - Gammie, Gigi, Nanzy
I decided (was I wrong) that before my grandson was born I didn't want to be called Grandma. So in watching one of my favorite TV shows, ER, I always liked what Carter called his Grandmother - Gamma - so I was going to be called Gamma. When he started learning to talk, he wouldn't say Gamma but made some sound like a sheep or goat...he would say Maaaaaaaaaa. Then one day he started saying Gammie. Now it is either Gammie or Gams. My mother is still living and she was going to be called Great Grand Nannie (can you image we would think a poor little baby could say all that). Again he decided on GiGi.

I grew up with one set of grandparents being called Grandma and Grandpa and one grandmother being called Nanzy (still don't where she came up with that name).

Anyway, that is my long story of how Gammie came into play. I now have another grandchild Camryn Marie (which she has my middle name and her other Great Grandmother).
--Paula S.

Nana Name - Whine Whine
My son calls his grandmother "Whine Whine" because of a song she sings. The song is silly, I had never heard it. Her mom sang it to her & she sang it to my husband, and now to my children. It is:
Whine Whine Sugar Baby
Whine Whine Sugar Baby
Pull, Pull
Turn yourself around

She does hand motions with it--the kids love it!
--Jennifer M.

Nana Name - Grandma Bart
Bart was my son's nickname in school cuz he skateboarded like Bart Simpson, so my 2-1/2 year old granddaughter calls me Grandma Bart.
--Diane S.

Nana Name - Mugga
When I was a baby, I always called my grandma "Mugga." My mom told me, "No, it's Grandma!" and I urged, "No, it's Mugga." Kinda funny!! I got the other grandkids calling her that too!! Lol!
--Lindsay D.

Nana Name - Grannynanny
The story behind my e-mail address, "grannynanny.....", is: I am a Granny and now I am going to be a Nanny to the twins when they arrive -- a wonderful time in my life!
--June H.

Nana and Grandpa Names - Am-ma and Pepaw / Gam-ma and Pawpaw
My mother is Am-ma and my father is Pepaw. We were saying Grandma and Grandpa and my son, Charlie, said Am-ma and Pepaw and they stuck. As for my daughter who is 10 months younger, we tried the grandma and grandpa again and she calls them Pawpaw and Gam-ma.
-- Jenna S. and my children Charlie and Alison

Nana Names - Ganny, Gram Bobbeh, Ganny
My daughter has many grandmothers (due to extended families). She has a Ganny, Gram, and Bobbeh.

My step-mother chose "Ganny" because she read somewhere that was what the Bush grandchildren call Barbara Bush (although I believe they say it with a long "a" sound, we use the short "a").

"Bobbeh" is from the Jewish (Yiddish) name for grandmother although I believe we do not spell it the same way.
-- Michelle P.

Nana Name - Tiger
My mother, refusing to be called anything related to grandmother is called Tiger by all her grandchildren. As she has gotten older she has thought about changing it to something more traditional, but nothing else stuck.

The name really fits her personality! Apparently, one of her girlfriend's mother was called Tiger and that is where it originally came from. She decided on it the first time she received an "I Love Grandma" bib. :)
--Cortney M.

Nana Name - Granmary
My mother name is Mary, so we call her Granmary.
-- Kendall K.

When my youngest daughter was 6, we moved into a new neighborhood. Carrie immediately made a new little friend who lived with her grandparents. Her friend called her Grandmother "Gaggie." The first time I heard the name I told my daughter "that's a terrible name." Later, I was often heard making the comment "my grandkids can call me anything they want, except Gaggie!!"

Well, my oldest daughter, Crystal, was pregnant with my first grandson when Carrie, at the age of 18, was killed in a car accident. When Colby was born 7 months later, I immediately began referring to myself as "Granny." As Colby began to talk, it was very evident that he was going to call me "Gaggie." There was no mistaking what he was saying. The only explanation we can come up with is that Carrie must have been whispering in his ear all along, "Call her Gaggie!!" Now I have 3 little ones calling me "Gaggie" and I think it is the sweetest and most wonderful name in the world.

Nana Name - Mimi
I had a great granma who was called MiMi and always loved it and my children already had a Nana, Grandma, Nanny and Granny so I chose it. Nothing sweeter than to hear my (grand)babies say MiMi! I feel so blessed every time I hear it!
--Lois A.

My mother's grandparents were Nana and Papa. Although my parents are divorced, it happens that my daughter's grandparents are also Nana and Papa...full circle!
--Blessings, Shannon S.

Nana NameS - Love and Meme
Love is a name chosen because grandchildren are a part of my life, just like my children when they were small. Everyday we used this word. Meme is what my nephews and nieces chose for their grandmother.
--Clara Y.

Nana Name - Cra Cra
Here's a better nana name....CRA CRA. Baby was too young to say Grand-ma and called her Cra Cra. She is now 5 years old and still calls her that. Isn't that awful!! haha!!
--April P

Nana Name - Hunny
Hunny is what my son calls my mom -- she just felt too young to be called grandma and wanted a cool name. She's a young grandma...
--April P.

Nana Name - Mama D
MAMA D is my grandma's NanaName. Her name was Wylodean. So since I was little I called her Mama D because she went by Dean.
--Kelly H.

Nana Name - Ganky
The first grand kid could not say Granny, so she has been called Ganky for 36 years.
--Terry W.

Nana Names - Yia Yia and Maamaw
When my son-in-law's mother wanted to be 'Grandma' exclusively, my daughter and son-in-law discussed other names for me. Since I come for Italian lineage, I thought Nonna would be a good one, but he thought it was too negative. The Greek's use Yia Yia (pronounced Yaya), so this is both positive and unique (for us).

Now I love it when my granddaughter says, I want to go to Yia Yia's house. Nobody has any questions about who she is referring to. This name has carried over to my other grandchild (my son's son) and also some of my granddaughter's friends. Some of the people I work with call me that as well. I'm very happy with it. Thanks for listening.

P.S. The grandkids ended up calling my son-in-law's mother 'Maamaw' instead of Grandma. Kids tend to go with the names they can pronounce.
-- Yia Yia

Nana Names - Nanna and Memaw
My Grandson's other grandmother is trying to be 'Nanna', but he insists on going with Nina. I love that as well. My grandchildren Kayla & Collin call me Memaw. I don't know why the kids started calling me Memaw. Kayla started it at an early age. I think she just couldn't say Grandma, and it came out Memaw.
-- Memaw Charlene

Nana Names - Lita and Gamma
My grandchildren call me “Lita” short for Abuelita…grandma in Spanish. My oldest grandson calls me Gamma. S-o-o-o sometimes they all call me Lita/Gamma!
-- Lita/Gamma Pat

Nana Names - Memaw, Merner, Neener, Neenee and Grandmommy
I have a Memaw, instead of Mamaw. Also, my friend's older cousins called their grandmother Merner, because the oldest was trying to say Mother, which is what all of her kids called her. So they all said Merner. When my friend was born she couldn't say Merner so she called her Neener. Growing up we all called her that. Her younger brother even shortened it to Neenee. The same friend's daughter calls her mother Grandmommy.
-- Kelly O.

picture-campgrandma04.jpg- CAMP GRANDMA WITH KATIE -
Katie and I had a great time at "Camp Grandma '04". We went to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, for the week and had beautiful weather. We went to the movies several time, hit the outlets, ate too much, slept late, read, had tea in our "Camp Grandma" mugs, went down to the boardwalk at Ocean City, Maryland, where we both got henna tattoos, walked on the beach and basically just hung out. Of course I'll scrapbook everything! Since she's getting older (almost 12!) one of these days she may decide to spend more of her time with friends instead of her Gram but we'll always have the memories of the times we've spent together.
-- Gram JoAnne

picture-groovygrandmamomentwhen.jpg- IT'S A GROOVY GRANDMA MOMENT WHEN... -
(from an interview)

Nana Elizabeth: How long have you been having "Camp Grandma"?

Gram JoAnne: This is the 5th year. Katie (granddaughter) will be 11 and we have gone to places like Disney World, Pennsylvania (to Amish Country and Hershey Park) and this year we are going to Ocean City, Maryland (one of Katie's choices). In three years, we are going to Paris together.

Nana Elizabeth: What else do you and Katie like to do?

Gram JoAnne: Katie and I get together every Saturday, so we've accumulated a lot of "Groovy Grandma Moments"!! We love to have tea together (the Camp Grandma mugs and shirts are a surprise for our trip), go to plays, scrapbook (yes, it's a verb! I have 7 scrapbooks so far and I taught Katie to scrapbook), build birdhouses, make soaps and candles, make gingerbread houses at Christmas -- we like to do all kinds of crafts together. In fact, Katie introduced me to her friends recently and said "My grandma is very crafty!"

Nana Elizabeth: What other special moments do you want to share with us?

Gram JoAnne: Well, I stayed at Katie's house one time and she informed me that we had to abide by the "Camp GrandDAUGHTER" rules now! Katie is a very special young lady. And, I love every minute we spend together.

Nana Name - Moo-moo
When my youngest daughter was especially loving, instead of calling me "Mom" or "Momma," she would call me "Moo-moo." Where she got it, we don't know, but she has continued to do so into her adult life. So, when her son was born, it seemed to come about naturally that he would call me "Moo-moo." We have often laughed to imagining what people will think when he gets older and they hear him call me "Moo-moo." My granddaughter by my oldest calls me "Grandma," but when she hears Chase call me, she sometimes reverts to "Moo-moo." Actually, I prefer "Moo-moo." A "gray bun on my head" just ain't gonna happen! Thanks for asking me to share. I love your web site.
-- Moo-moo Eve

picture-hannahrose.jpgNana Name - Nana Roses...The Banana's Nana
My name is Rose Sorrell and I am Nana Rose to Hannah Rose Davidson (get it??? - Hannah Rose and Nana Rose). I didn't pick my name. It was picked for me by my daughter when they decided to name their first baby after me. I found your web site quite by accident while looking through a Pittsburgh magazine I picked up in a hotel room on a recent trip to Pittsburgh. What's so interesting about all of this is that we have, since her birth, called Hannah Rose by the nickname of Hannah Banana or just The Banana for short. So I'm also known as The Banana's Nana. So imagine my shock to find a website and shopping place called BananaNana.

Picture to the left is absolutely my all time favorite sucking her thumb!
-- Nana Rose S.

Nana Name - Mogas
Only one grandchild is old enough to speak....he started by calling her Nama, then Nana, then Mogas (his version of grandma backwards) but now it's Grandma!
-- Kelly Ables

Nana Names - Booshie, Boosh and Bopcha
The story behind those names (NanaNames: Booshie & Boosh) goes like this: We are Polish descent and my second cousins called my mother's aunt, "Booshie," which somehow came from the Polish word for grandmother, which is similar to Russian in that she would be a "Babushka*." My mother had 5 grandchildren who called her Gramma or Gramma "G" (her last name began with the letter 'G") until her 6th grandchild, a boy, was born. He referred to my mother as "SHE" or "HER" and my mom was telling me that she felt funny when Joey called her that and wondered why he wouldn't call her Gramma, Grandma, etc., like all the others kids did. So, I suggested she tell him to call her BOOSHIE, just like her Aunt Helen was called by her grandkids. It stuck and now all the grandkids call her BOOSHIE. My mom has 12 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren now. The older ones call her BOOSH and she loves it! Aunt Helen is deceased so we are happy to carry on a tradition. Booshie is a young "72." I am 49 and recently became a grandmother. We have so many grandmas in the family that I am looking for another name to be called. That is how I found NanaNames. For now I am just GRAMMY.

*Note: Grammy Jane sent us this update: I found out from a friend of mine who is Polish that the word for Gramma in Polish is Bopcha (phonetically correct). She told me a babushka is something you hear on your head! I had to Laugh!
-- Grammy Jane P.

Nana and Grandpa Names - Mudder and Chef Boyardee
Well, I have a new one for you. My kids and now Katie (as well as all our friends) call my mom "Mudder." When my son, Mike (Katie's dad), started talking, he said "Mudder" because I usually called my mom "Mother." He also called my dad "Artie" because his name was Art, but the funny part was my dad was a chef and Mike thought his grandfather was "Chef Boyardee" (Chef Boy Artie) from the TV commercials! Because at work everyone called my dad "Chef."
-- Gram JoAnne

Nana Names - White Grandma and Airport Grandma
I, personally, feel that Grandmas don't get to pick their names.. that the grandchildren will do that for her!

My two year old daughter has named my mother with two FINE options! The first, Aubrey decided that she would call her favorite grandma....... WHITE grandma! My mom has beautiful naturally white hair!

The second, my person favorite, is Airport Grandma. My mom lives in Minnesota and we live in North Carolina. Every time we see her we start out the time together at the airport!
-- Lettie R

Nana Name - Minnie
My mother prefers her Groovy Grammy nickname, "Minnie." (When my two year old began speaking he somehow got "Minnie" from "Grammy" so the name stuck!)
-- Lori C.

picture-bigbrother2.jpg- I'M A BIG BROTHER! ANNOUNCEMENT -
We met our families for dinner. My husband got to the restaurant first and I came later with Logan and his shirt. They were all already seated. Logan and I strolled in and everyone was shrieking and screaming in excitement! It was a fun time! Of course we are thrilled about the news and are excited about the miracle that God is giving to us.

At the left is a picture of Logan Thomas (2/7/03) bragging about his new brother or sister.
-- Lindsay R.

Grandpa Name - Pop Pop
My nephew calls my dad "Pop Pop" which I think is cute. My nephew started calling my mother "Ginny" but now calls her "Granny," but we were really hoping the "Ginny" would stick.

I did not know this site existed, so I have added you to my favorites, since I will have my first grandchild next month! Thanks again.
-- Rita C.

picture-neverbeenhappier.jpg- FIRST GRANDCHILD -
I am experiencing what all my friends have told me I would when I had a Grandchild. I have never been happier and more excited.

Our Sam is 4 months old and looks just like his Daddy. I am so glad I found your website because I am a groovy MOM and certainly want to Stay a groovy Grandma. Have not made up my mind what I want to be called yet. I want it to be groovy and what Sam calls me is just fine. I saw the name GG in your names .. I think I like it. Maybe he will say my name first! (See picture of Sam with Dad - Carolyn's son, Ken - at the left.)
-- Carolyn S.

Nana Name - Mum
A fantastic name for a young grandmother is Mum. My mom has loved it for 33 years now. It suits her as much today as it did in her late thirties. Her first grandson couldn't pronounce Grandmother, so it's been Mum ever since. It has also been an easy name for the son-in-laws to use. It's close to Mom, but doesn't take away from their own special Mom.
-- Roxanne C.

Nana and Grandpa Names - Oma, Granny and Poppy
When my daughter's son, Avery, was born in Germany, we hadn't decided what he would call me until her landlord came by to see the baby. He looked at me and said, "Oma?", which is German for Grandma (or grandmother). That cinched it for me! He will be 2 years old in 2 weeks and we will be in South Carolina to celebrate his birthday with him. We haven't seen him in 7 months, but on the phone when my daughter tells him she's talking to Oma, he says, "MOma". (Of course, he also says MElmo for his favorite character, Elmo.)

To my husband's 4 year old granddaughter, Rachel, we are Granny and Poppy. She has a Grandma, Granny and Gran, and her great grandmother is Great. She used to call my husband Grandpa until one evening we had taken her to eat and I called him Poppy, just a name I used once in a while, and she picked up on it immediately.
-- Oma Lil

Nana Name - Lola
Lola - "Grandma" in Tagalog (Filipino) Cute site!
-- Julie A.

Nana Name - KaKay
I got my Nana Name in a unique way. My husband and I are Pastors and 4 years ago our youth pastor and his wife had their first child. They decided that we would be Papaw and KaKay to their new son. The KaKay came as a form of my first and middle names (Karla Kay). I would be KaKay because their son called her mom CeeCee (Carolyn Carter). The name stuck, and most of the little ones born in our church since then call me KaKay. My first grandchild is due in August and I can hardly wait to be a real KaKay.
-- Karla

Nana Name - Mama Kate
My mother's first cousin, Doyle, came to live with my grandmother and her family when he was just five years old. He lost his mother (my great aunt) to tuberculosis. Even though she was a young widow with three children, she took Doyle in and raised him as her own. He called his "new" mom Mama Kate. The name stuck. When we grandkids came along, we called our beloved grandmother Mama Kate, too. Thanks "Uncle" Doyle. I choose to be called Mama Jane when the time comes...if I have a choice in the matter, that is. :-)
-- Mary Jane H.

Nana and Grandpa Names - G-ma and G-pa
I call my grandma G-ma. I am a big fan of acronyms and the more I can use them, the better! I even call my mom and dad M & D, along with G-pa for grandpa...
-- K Smolen

Nana Name - Monna
...Avery (my son), calls his grandma "Monna" -- that's just the way it came out!

Note: Grandma Kathy is convinced that most grandmas get their NanaNames from their grandkids.
-- Stefani A.

picture-3littlelumplings.jpg- 3 LITTLE LUMPLINGS AND BUTTERFLY KISSES -
I am a granny of 3 little lumplings. Mine are 10,9,7. Two boys and a girl in the middle. They lived with me from the time they were born, except for 2 years When we went to bed, we always said our prayers,looked at God's flashlight (the moon) sang our songs, JESUS LOVES ME, I LOVE YOU, YOU LOVE ME (Barney), hugs and kisses, then finally butterfly kisses. Fluttering eyelashes on the other one's nose. We don't do the songs anymore, but we do all of the rest. Only Jesus knows how much I love them - they do too. My daughter said to me "You did not do all of that with me.." I did some of it, but grandkids are in a total different ballpark, aren't they. I was there when they were born,and I have been captured ever since.
-- Granny Carmella

Nana and Grandpa Names - Lolly n Pop
I will become a grandmother in October and my husband and I have decided to be called Lolly n Pop. I chose my Nana Name because my first name is unique. I also wanted to have a unique grandma name. I like being different.
-- Lolly Mavis

Nana Name - KK
My mom is named Kay, and her Grandma Name is KK. She LOVES it!
-- Juli H.

picture-homeagain.jpg- THEY ARE HOME!! -
We are thrilled to have Stephanie, Craig and Amanda home again. We have been praying for the last 3 years that the Lord would send them home to us. Guess He got tired of listening to our prayers and finally said yes.

I wore my BananaNana shirt yesterday and everybody wanted to know where I got it from. I told them about your web site. Hope you mail products to Georgia!

(Picture at left is of Amanda and Nana Cynthia - we think Amanda is happy to be home again with Nana!)
-- Nana Cynthia

Nana Names - Bela Bela and Glam Ma
My niece calls my mother-in-law "Bela Bela" - that's her attempt at saying "Abuella" which means grandma in Spanish.

Thanks for your fun web site.

I read that Goldie Hawn wants to be called "Glam Ma" now that she is a grandmother.
-- Debbie

Nana Name - MorMor
I'm Nanny to our three precious granddaughters. I called my grandmother "MorMor" which is Swedish meaning Mother's Mother. Our granddaughters are ages 9, 6 & 5. Their Daddy (our son) is currently deployed with the USMC to Iraq.
-- Nanny Shirley

Nana Name - Omi
My mother-in-law is from Vienna. She asked us to teach our daughter to call her "Omi" which is the grandma designation in Austria!
-- Julie in Texas

Nana Name - Grandma
You bet, I'm a grandma and that's what I am called. Even by my son's 2 stepkids. Sometimes it is Pat or Grandma Pat from them. Including them, I have 7 grandkids: Alexandra (Alex) 13, Curtis 11, Cayla 9, Elizabeth (nice name, huh) 5, Emily 3, Christopher 17 mo., Alicia 9 mo. My son is in USAF.
-- Grandma Jett

picture-marmie2.jpgNana and Grandpa Names - Marmie and Papi
My Nana Name is Marmie, which was taken from Little Women where they called their mother Marmee. My husband is Papi, which is a traditional Hispanic name.

(Picture at left is of Marmie's only grandson -- what a little angel!)
-- Marmie Laurie

My 21 month old grandson, Adam, and I sat playing on either side of the train set. When my son, Jeff, entered the room, I turned to talk with him. Adam walked around the table, placed one hand on each of my shoulders, and ever so gently redirected my body to face his side of the table. Jeff grinned and said, "You know what he is doing, don't you? Turn again to face me." When I did so, Adam again gently redirected my shoulders to face his side; however, as he returned to his side of the table, he gave me a big smile and clapped his hands at me. Jeff said, "See, he is using the 'Positive Reinforcement' skills that we apply with him." My heart was filled with gratitude for the terrific parenting Adam was receiving from him and my daughter-in-law, Kelly.
-- Nana Ginny, PA

Nana Name - Popo
Our first grandchild was born in Hong Kong where our daughter and her husband are teachers in an American school. She suggested I be called by the Cantonese word for maternal grandmother, so I'm Popo. Our other daughter said I can keep that name with her son as well. It's easy for little ones to say and I enjoy the fact that it's unique.
-- Anne H.

Nana Name - Honey
I saw a movie once that the grandmother figure was called "Honey" and I really did like it. And, when I saw my grandson for the first time, I wanted to be HIS HONEY.
-- Honey

Nana Name - Sassy
My son calls my mother-in-law Sassy because she hates the idea of being called Grandma!
-- Sarah B.

Nana Name - Granna
Here's a name to add to your list: Granna (a friend's grandmother name). It is a common one...the first grandchild's attempts to say "Grandmother." I like it.
-- Note from NanaElizabeth: We like it, too, and we especially love hearing that the grandchild named her grandmother! It happens frequently.

Nana and Grandpa Names - Mam and Pap
A quiet cute name that my daughter-in-law calls her grandmother is "MAM" and she calls her grandfather "PAP." I love the "Mam" - it is unique and respectful. Love your website.
-- Susan M.

We have five grandchildren. When our oldest one, Grant, was 6 years old, my husband (John) coached his soccer team. One of his team members was fascinated that "coach" was a Grampa. "Well, you see," said Grant, "he's not like a grampa with a cane. He's a different kind of Grampa!"
-- Grandma Sondra

picture-besttoy.jpg- BEST TOY -
In December, my daughter was at MacDonald's with her 3-1/2 year old son, Kayne, and his 18 month old sister, Stori. Two little boys, probably 4 and 5, came over to their table, each with a new toy (probably something they had gotten for Christmas). After the three boys acknowledged each other, both of the "new friends" proudly showed my grandson a new toy, explaining how cool and great they were. Since he had no toys with him, Kayne pondered for a bit and then announced "Well, this is MY baby sister! She's Stori and she's MY sister." Not having anything to top that, the two little boys walked away. You just gotta love this kid! (Left: picture of Kayne with his baby sister, Stori)

Proud to be a Nana,
-- Nana Jean B, St. Petersburg, FL

Nana Name - Mammy
Let's see how many would choose mine (Nana Name)? It is Mammy, and I did not choose it. I wanted Grammy, so be careful when you call yourself something. You don't know how they will hear it, and how they will say it. Really, now I don't mind them calling me Mammy at all, just as long as they call me!!
-- Mammy Suzanne R

Nana and Grandpa Names - Maw Maw and Paw Paw
Before finally picking Maw Maw and Paw Paw for the grandparents' names, we seriously considered Moo Moo and Poo Poo. We met with some resistance from the actual grandparents, but it was fun to tease them with it. Ha ha
-- Jennifer B.

Nana Name - Nonny
We call my mother-in-law Nonny...This stemmed from my husband's Italian grandfather who used to tell my mother-in-law & husband that he was going 'non' which I think means to sleep, either in Italian or their own 'family' language.
-- Stephanie R.

I just got back from taking my seven year old granddaughter to Chicago to the American Girl Doll Store. We flew out on Saturday morning, and went to a tea party at the store. We then shopped for her doll. We had so much fun. I have three sons, so this was my first girly girl thing!
-- Mammy Suzanne

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