Meet the Original Banana Nanas

Meet the Original BananaNanasWe're the original BananaNanas...
Nana Elizabeth and Grandma Kathy

We are baby boomer grandmas...and we think that sets us apart from any other grandma in history!  We were part of women's lib, we saw the Beatles make their first appearance in America, we were in awe as we watched Neil Armstrong take the "first giant step for mankind," and some of us even attended Woodstock. We raised our children with the help of Dr. Spock perhaps or Dear Abby, but most often we did it by the seat of our pants! We realized we could do anything we wanted to do, with a mixture of positve and negative affects on our family. We tried to instill new values in our sons and daughters and now we have the opportunity to shape a new generation.


grandmakathy3.jpgI'm Kathy -- better known now as Grandma. I was the first to become a grandma and I have one granddaughter, Sarah and one grandson, Adam. Who knew that being a Grandma was going to be so Wonderful?  I sure didn't, so it came as a great surprise!!!  All the joy of watching them blossom, without all the responsibility. THIS IS THE ULTIMATE REWARD FOR HAVING CHILDREN!


nanaelizabeth.jpgI'm Elizabeth -- best known as Nana. I earned my grandma status after Kathy, but I have her beat in the numbers department with one grandson, Caleb and four granddaughters...Faith, Megan, Courtney and Caitlin. My grandchildren keep us hopping -- and LAUGHING! I love to answer my phone and hear a little voice say "Hi, Nana...I'm having a good day. What are you doing?" The girls remind me so much of my daughters when they were young, except I am not worried about doing everything wrong now! For me, it doesn't get any better than this!


We have been best friends for many years and shared a lot of life experiences. When we get together now, most of our time is filled sharing stories about our grandkids (we wonder what we talked about before they entered our lives). You probably guessed that we LOVE being groovy grandmas! BananaNana is a true labor of love for us. And, we look forward to reading about your experiences through the stories, hints and tips you share! Thank you for letting us be a part of your family.