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Princess Granddaughter Picture Frame - A gift for a true little princess - or for a grandparent who has a true little princess granddaughter!

A 4x6 double white tabletop frame with a poem about the wonderful qualities which make little girls true princesses.

Includes a space for a 4x6 horizontal photograph. Castle button embellishment.

From the Grandparent Gift Company!

Princess Granddaughter
I am so enchanted by your princess face,
It shines from within, true tenderness and grace.
Your royal crown sparkles, not from jewels but love,
It encircles your sweet head, like a halo from above.
Your dress-up gown is lovely, so colorful and bright.
No matter what you wear, you are my heart??s delight.
Your glass slippers make you stand - elegant and tall.
Holding your head high, makes you fairest of them all!
Cherish the princess within, all your life through,
It is your inner beauty
that makes FAIRY TALES come true.
©Teri Harrison. Not for personal use.